44 tips that will change your diet!

      Try to add as many of these tips to your daily routine, and you will surely be well on the way to a slimmer, healthier you. We don’t get fat overnight so you should expect it to take a certain amount of time to lose that weight [...]

2014/07/28 Luke Trencevski No Comments
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10 tips for fitness success!

    1.   Get Moving. Resolve to be active in a variety of physical activities on a regular basis that will develop strength, cardiovascular capacity and flexibility.   2.   Prime the Pump.  Resolve to participate in physical activities that involve the large muscle groups of the body.   3.   Let [...]

2014/07/11 Luke Trencevski 1 Comments
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Other trainers fitness opinions matter!

  So here is my approach to other trainer’s opinions! They are right! There is so many different ways and approaches to get in shape, everybody has their own philosophy of fitness. I fell it’s my job to educate you and also expose you to different views of other fitness [...]

2014/06/10 Luke Trencevski 1 Comments
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Machines vs. free weights 0-1 read here!

  Is it better to workout with weights? Well the answer is yes and no. To say that free weights are better than machines would be incredibly unjust. There are advantages in both lifting weights and using a machine with weights attached.   Well some of the advantages of training [...]

2014/06/10 Luke Trencevski (3) Comments
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Health and fitness secrets all here!

      WHAT IS REALLY HEALTH AND FITNESS? Let me try to break it down for you! Fitness and health have been closely related ever since fitness was first defined, because this sport involves good physical shape built on good state of health and fitness. The state of health [...]

2014/06/09 Luke Trencevski 1 Comments
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The first rule of muscle building!

    Maybe you want to build up your muscles for your health, or maybe you just want to look good – there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever your reason, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The truth is, any kind of mass or [...]

2014/06/09 Luke Trencevski (57) Comments
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Get fit! The easiest home workout ever!

  Want to get healthier, get fit and build a better body without going to a traditional gym? You can. Some people, such as the highly trained and toned Navy Seals, actually prefer doing home workouts. It allows you to really give your body the attention it deserves without having [...]

2014/06/06 Luke Trencevski 1 Comments
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Can home gym improve your relationship with your partner?

    Yes you read it right, home gyms can improve your relationship with your partner! But how?…. you must be thinking, well if you can carry on reading I will enlighten you with this important information. Gyms at home are highly underrated, there is a wide choice available on [...]

2014/06/06 Luke Trencevski 1 Comments
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          This is very unusual post for me since, I like to keep it short and funny today, I am in education mood so, I would like to share some knowledge about aerobics and history of aerobic exercise! The word aerobic means with oxygen Researchers consistently [...]

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Don’t freak out read this and relax!

    Hey, listen up. It’s time to relax, chill out, and release those pent-up physical, mental and emotional tensions. When dealing with everyday stress and the probability of stress build-up, NOW is always the right time to be proactive; to beat stress before it beats you! Think of stress [...]

2014/06/06 Luke Trencevski (3) Comments
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